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This 2nd Edition features the same content, but with more vibrant colors, better cardstock, and printed locally in California!

The deck includes 100-page booklet offers a science story for every card plus explores new science spread layouts. Includes 78 original artworks on 3"x5" cards on high quality cardstock, vivid colors and a different artist for each Suit. Sturdy and beautiful 2-piece box stores all cards and booklet easily.

Science Tarot reinterprets the tarot with original artworks inspired by scientific discovery of the natural world. This offers an engaging, personal invitation into diverse fields of science, including astronomy, chemistry, physics, and biology.

Science Tarot cards can be laid out in patterns and read like traditional tarot. By viewing the science concepts on each card, associations trigger insights about the world around us and our place in it. Campbell's Hero's Journey is adapted to tell each suit's unique story from Ace to Ten. Find your own hero's path through the myths and archetypes represented in these science stories.

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Science Tarot Artwork

You can buy much of the artwork in the Science Tarot direct from the artist as greeting cards, original prints, and other creations too. Follow the links below to see what is available in their store today!

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"By framing one's life story with scientific concepts, a person might come to see science less as an impersonal subject and more as something that is deeply intertwined with everyday life." - David Harris, NewScientist CultureLab

Selected as the top choice in BioWorld's 2011 Biotech Holiday Gift Guide
- BioWorld Biotech News

"Instead of knights and kings, their cards display images of mitochondria, neurotransmitters, and Darwin." - Roberta Kwok, The Scientist Magazine

"Share a look at the Science Tarot, a project that uses eye-catching art and the mythical structure of the tarot to illuminate scientific concepts."
- Desiree, Science For The People Radio Podcast

"An intriguing medium to spread their love of science..."
- Tiffany Lee Brown, co-creator of the Burning Man Tarot, on SyFy TV's IdeaLab

"What if you could combine tarot cards' structure and aesthetic with neat examples from science and a little less hocus-pocus?" - Robert Quigley,

Winner of an Editor's Choice Blue Ribbon Award at Maker Faire San Mateo 2010
- Make Magazine