Science Tarot is a group project, an exciting collaboration of professional talent including post-doc scientists, experienced tarot readers, graphic designers and published artists. We are united by our desire to explore and create at the intersection of science and art.

The Creators

Science Tarot Creators

Logan Austeja Daniel (Co-Creator)
is a Creative Media Producer who loves to work with others on developing creations that combine art and science into an ecological, educational, and inspirational space for exploration.

Martin Azevedo (Co-Creator) is a published writer and filmmaker with lifelong interests in science, psychology and mythology. He began exploring, interpreting and designing tarot cards in 1999.

Raven Hanna (Co-Creator) is a science artist and science writer involved in various informal science communication projects, such as jewelry based on molecule shapes, a quirky documentary on origin of life theories, and the Science Tarot. She has a PhD in molecular biophysics & biochemistry.

The Artists

Graphics and Science Tarot logo by John Daniel.
Original art and conceptual contribution for Major Arcana by Suzanne Forbes.

Science Tarot Artists

Tammy Stellanova (Cups Suit)
is an illustrator and comics artist with a background in biology. She loves to draw living creatures, especially animals, and is happiest when she is outside in nature, sketching from life. You can see more of her work at her portfolio website at, and her natural history illustrated jewelry at

Shari Arai DeBoer (Swords Suit) is a visual artist, a painter and printmaker with a background in architecture. She is a close observer of plant life and everyday objects and uses them to evoke visual stories in her artwork. More of her work can be viewed at

Kristian Johnson Michiels (Major Arcana artist, adapted original Major Arcana art by Suzanne Forbes for publication) is a printmaker and watercolorist who has worked in illustration for over 25 years, primarily in pen and ink. From childhood, she developed a deep connection with trees and flowers. She collects stories and nature myths concerning these essential entities so crucial to our lives. Much of her work is based on this research and can be viewed at

Kristy Whitehouse (Pentacles Suit) is a chemist by day, illustrator and crafter at night and on weekends. She has a BS in Cellular Biology and a Master's Certificate in Science Illustration.

Janelle Schneider (Wands Suit) is a mixed media fine artist and a 3d texture paint artist for feature films. As a mixed media artist she combines materials and acrylics creating many layers which hold hidden elusive imagery. Her work has been described as 'textural' 'compelling' and these 'internal landscapes' call on dreams, symbolism, tarot, psychology, science, spirituality and social commentary. Her work can be seen at

Acknowledgements and Gratitudes

Carol Franger for photo taking and edit making, David Presti Ph.D for moon dreaming, David Van Brink for animating, Deb Culmer for star gazing, Deborah M. Gordon Ph.D for ant watching, John Vinopal for galaxy smashing, Jonathon Korman and Tim Miller for physics training, Katherine Dey for web creating, Mary Miller for Frank exploring, Dr. Michael Doser for meson dancing, Simone Katz-O'Neill for legal stating, everyone from Projekteers making, and for all who love science storytelling.